Lower School

18 Months - Grade 4

The Lower School serves children 18 months to Grade 4 and believes that every child is different. The program strives to partner with families to cultivate each child’s uniqueness. To meet the different needs of families and students, the Lower School is divided into two programs: the Pre-Primary Section and the Primary Section.

Pre-Primary Section (18 months-Age 5)

This section of the Lower School emphasizes the development of the whole child. It is believed that children learn best when they are actively involved in a nurturing environment that is responsive to their varying needs and focuses on their development – social, emotional, physical, and intellectual. Skills and abilities are promoted through developmentally appropriate, child-centered activities that allow each student to explore, investigate, communicate, and problem solve. Through this process, children develop a love of learning.

Early Childhood (3 or 5 day option)

The Early Childhood program provides an environment where students 18 months – 3 years can grow and develop. Our teachers stimulate skill improvement through multiple approaches to document progress through detailed records and digital photographs. The curriculum gives students the opportunity to learn and grow at their own pace with both three and five-day options available. Classroom space is available in a home-like setting near our main building or on main campus in close proximity to our Montessori and pre-Kindergarten classrooms. A separate Early Childhood II classroom serves older toddlers (32-38 months) who are actively toileting and who will benefit from an additional year of early childhood programming, a more advanced academic focus, and additional specials.


Country Day’s Montessori program provides students age 3 – 5 years with the opportunity to learn in an experiential environment within a mixed age group of children. Harkening to the honored philosophies of Maria Montessori, the program allows students the opportunity to cultivate a love of learning through collaborative work, exploration, and multi-sensory approaches to pre-reading and group play.


Country Day's traditional Pre-K programs follow the Project Approach, providing students age 3 – 5 the chance to hone skills and explore their interests in a structured environment within a contained classroom of same-aged children. From language processing to numerical understanding, our students use their newly burgeoning social skills to investigate topics in preparation for Kindergarten.

Primary Section (Kindergarten / Montessori Kindergarten - Grade 4)

This section of the Lower School emphasizes an increased love of learning through a variety of concrete, hands-on experiences. Increased independence, collaboration, self-exploration, self-discovery, risk taking, and more advanced reasoning/critical thinking skills are the hallmarks of the primary section. The curriculum provides developmentally appropriate academic and social opportunities designed to nurture, challenge, and engage each learner.

Kindergarten (Traditional and Montessori)

Families have a choice of two developmentally appropriate full-day programs for five year olds. Children are taught by teachers who are well versed in best practices, research, and methods to help each child succeed in a premier educational setting. Students also benefit from a dedicated Reading Specialist.

Grades 1-4

Reading, language arts, science, math, and social studies are taught within these self-contained classrooms. Children are taught by a lead teacher, collaborative teacher, and specials teachers in world language, art, music, movement/physical education, library, and swimming. In grades 3 and 4, a specialized science teacher and laboratory enhance the core curriculum of the Lower School. Throughout these grades, students develop independence and key critical thinking skills that will prepare them for the increased demands of Middle School.

Extended Day Programs

Country Day has a variety of programs that extend beyond the typical school day to help meet the demands of busy families. These programs include Extended A.M., Lunch Option, Extended P.M., Learning Lab, After School, and Enrichment Clubs. Extended Day Programs.


Grades: Early Childhood (18 months) - Grade 4
Students: 326
Faculty/Staff: 62
Average class size: 12 for younger children; 16 for older children
Student-to-faculty ratio: 6:1 for younger children; 9:1 for older children
Division Head: Jennifer Aquino
Contact: (513) 979-0229 Handbook: Lower School
Curriculum Guide: All-School

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