Teacher and students with tablets

Diversity is an educational imperative because it is pivotal to the intellectual, social, and moral growth of every child. Diversity brings richness and meaning to life. Students, parents, faculty, and administrators of different backgrounds, perspectives, and talents contribute to a varied and comprehensive learning experience. Consequently, a partnership between the home and school is essential for the full development of all peoples.

Country Day explores, respects, and celebrates diversity while recognizing the common goals, principles, and beliefs shared by everyone. Over 33% of the Country Day student body is racially/ethnically diverse. And, nearly 10% of the Country Day community has an international background. Whether a student's family lived abroad at one point, has just moved to the United States from a foreign country, or is part of an exchange/visitor's program, our community has definite international appeal.

At Country Day, we believe diversity takes many forms. As a school community, racial/ethnic diversity is as important as the geographic and socioeconomic diversity of our students and their diversity in beliefs, interests, and learning styles.