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The logo request procedure is intended to ensure the integrity of the CCDS logo is respected and maintained, and to avoid misrepresentation of our visual image.

Please complete the logo request form below and make sure that the intended use or uses of our logo are clearly stated. We will review your request and, if approved, will supply the logos as electronic files in the format requested.

School Logos



This is the official, historical seal of CCDS and should be used with the utmost scrutiny and with permission of the head of school or Communications Office personnel ONLY. Applications for the school seal may include official correspondence from the head of schoolchool, special school ceremonies and events, diplomas, and communication to alumni and the board of trustees. This seal is one-color (PMS 294).


CCDS Primary Brand


This two-color shield logo leverages assets from the school seal creating a contemporary impression with historical meaning. It is intended for audiences who are familiar or somewhat familiar with the school. The shield logo is used for printed correspondence and communication including letterhead, envelopes, business cards. A variation of the shield logo is available for situations where a center position is more suitable.


CCDS Circle logo

CCDS Circle logo

This more contemporary execution of the logotype, within a circular holding shape, is friendly, approachable, and relates back to the shape of the school seal. The circle logo creates impact and speaks to the CCDS brand personality: welcoming, curious, tenacious, inventive, confident, balanced. It is also differentiating.

The circle logo should be used for everyday, informal, and electronic communication as well as advertising, promotions, interactive applications, and the website. The circle logo is two-color (PMS 2945 and PMS 2905).

The black and white circle logo should be used on rare occasions, when black and white is absolutely necessary (e.g., newspaper applications).


CCDS Monogram

CCDS Monogram

These monograms are inspired by the circle logo and are identifiable as Country Day. They have been created for spirit wear and other promotional items. Monograms should be leveraged as is and should not be modified or used in place of the shield or circle logos. The monogram below is a variation for athletic uniforms.                

Athletic monogram


Mascot Logos

On Friday, January 29, 2021, the school unveiled a new mascot - the Nighthawk - after a months-long selection process. The mascot choice crosses over from sports to academics, to school spirit, and to life beyond the halls of Country Day. It is a trademarked logo. 

To preserve the integrity of all CCDS brand communications, these guidelines will help ensure consistency when using the Nighthawk logo to create spirit wear, banners, promotional items, and any other materials.

Primary Mascot Logo

Primary Nighthawk logo

Primary Mascot Logo with Shield

mascot with shield

Primary Mascot Logo with Descriptor

primary logo with descriptor

Secondary Mascot Logo -
Full Body

Full body icon

Secondary Mascot Logo -
Full Body with Descriptor

full body icon

Logo Request Form


First Name
Last Name
What logo-type are you requesting?required

By hitting the submit button, I am indicating that I understand that any product that includes the mascot logo and will be viewed by an external audience requires approval.

All product that uses the Nighthawk brand must be approved and include, but are not limited to: t-shirts, uniforms, travel gear, outdoor signage, electronic presentations, print materials, building signage and any other product that has an external audience. Products that are used internally also require final approval from the marketing and communications department BEFORE final production IF a mascot logo is included. Products that will be sold as merchandise require additional approval from Cincinnati Country Day School. Please contact Josephine McKenrick at or (513) 979-0215.