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A Week in the Life of Max Sun `27

A Week in the Life of Max Sun `27

Country Day is known for having a challenging and wide-ranging curriculum to help students grow into well-rounded citizens who are empowered to succeed now and in the next phase of their lives. Students learn to thrive in the classroom as well as outside of it. A prime example of a student embracing and thriving in the rigors of being a Country Day student is Max Sun `27. Max is as busy as a Country Day student can be.

To kick off the week on Monday morning, he took a quiz in English class (but not before sharpening his pencil). He then wandered over to the Scholastic Book Fair (but decided not to buy anything). In science class (his favorite subject), he participated in a lesson on electrolysis. He then attended his geometry class where he solved problems using the DeltaMath program.

After lunch and recess, when he enjoys playing table tennis against his classmates, he made his way to history class to begin a unit about the civil rights movement. Max’s next stop was his world language class where he spent the class reading Mandarin. And his last stop of the school day was tech theater, his arts elective class, where he helped to build and construct the set for the eighth-grade musical. “It feels like we are a little behind schedule, but I’m pretty sure we can catch up.”

And that was just one school day.

In the classroom throughout the rest of the week, Max learns how to properly source credible and reliable sources for his research project on the history of chess, analyzes quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr. and other civil rights movements leaders, participates in student-led discussions in his English class, and learns about covalent bonds. “I find math and science to be very interesting because they have so much to do with each other. The teachers teach the subjects in a very engaging and active style that makes it fun to learn.”

Along with excelling in his academics, Max is also on the chess, tennis, and cross-country teams. He is a spelling bee champion, participates in Mathcounts (a competition that includes a series of challenging math problems that need to be solved in a certain amount of time), and was a member of the stock club team that just finished in 2nd place in Ohio in a 10-week competition to maximize returns on $100,000 of imaginary money invested in the stock market. He also won the Middle School table tennis tournament last fall. And in his spare time, Max enjoys playing tennis at a local club, competing in online chess tournaments, and being a regular kid.

One might begin to wonder where Max finds the time! But Max says that staying busy is something he enjoys. “There’s a healthy amount of stress during the week with all the activities, but it doesn’t make me feel like I’m in a tough situation or that I can’t get it all done; it pushes me forward.”