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Alumni Return to Campus to Help Prepare Seniors for College

Alumni Return to Campus to Help Prepare Seniors for College

For about 20 years, Country Day has brought back alumni, most of whom are in college or recently graduated college, for Senior Seminar and the chance to provide their insight and perspective about the college experience. This year, seniors listened and engaged with speakers on topics such as working in college athletics, how to become a productive leader, Greek life, and mental wellness.

But don’t let the term “seminar” fool you. This is one of Country Day’s most important programs for its students.

“Senior Seminar gives our seniors a chance to hear from their recent peers or even their friends what it’s like to be in college,” says Jenn Weinheimer, head of Upper School. “Because the seniors most likely know the speakers, they feel comfortable asking them tough questions and are willing to ask them how they overcame certain situations. The seniors listen to them and take it as raw honesty.”

Rachel “Ray” Mitchell `24, who was just accepted into her number one school of choice, Bowdoin College, is very glad that Country Day puts on a program like Senior Seminar.

“It’s great to hear from someone who recently went through the college experience, especially a fresh but familiar face,” says Ray. “Because the presenters went to Country Day, it feels like I am talking to a friend. I’m very excited, hopeful, and optimistic about college; Senior Seminar amplified that excitement for me.”

Attending these sessions can help add some clarity to some seniors’ still unknown paths. Just ask Shephard Snell, who gained some much-needed insights on his potential career path.

“I’m considering becoming a sports announcer, but I didn’t realize how much journalism goes into it until I attended Wynton Jackson’s `21 seminar today on sports journalism.”

Not only do our seniors get so much out of this program, but so do the alumni who come back to campus and provide our students with such invaluable information. Manav Midha `19, now a management consultant with McKinsey & Company, was not only impressed with how engaged the seniors were during his presentation about mentorship and building a personal board of directors, but he was also ecstatic to be back at Country Day.

“It was great getting to see teachers, staff, and the whole school community,” says Midha. “Seeing what’s changed and what hasn’t was amazing. I’m very much looking forward to coming back whenever I can.”

Pictured above: Cincinnati Country Day alumni presenters for the 2024 Senior Seminar. FRONT ROW, left to right – Jade Abu Bakr `22, Rishi Gabbita `21, Jay Bhati `20, CJ DeBra `23, Payton Ebbing `22; MIDDLE ROW, left to right – Daniel Hong `22, Eashwar Kantemneni `20, Brian Butler `20, Maggie Wright `19, Terre Virzi `22; BACK ROW – Wynton Jackson `21, Nathan Riemann `19.

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