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Bringing Joy and Curiosity to the Classroom

If you have not had the chance to say “nǐ hǎo” to Rhoda Weston, you are encouraged to wander to her classroom some time, where you will find student curiosity, engagement, and joy at its best. 
Since 2018, Weston has been teaching Mandarin Chinese to our students, instilling in them a command of the language as well as an appreciation of the culture and traditions. Every day and every class is different and she likes it that way.  

“I like that there is so much variety at Country Day, and I try to bring that variety into my classroom,” said Weston. “There are also always many things going on at Country Day aside from just the classes.  There are great visual and performing arts and it is always nice to see the students competing with their peers in sports.” 
In addition to teaching, Weston is also the international student liaison. Each year, the school welcomes students from all over the world and she helps with the transition and ongoing support throughout the year. “I love that I get to know every student and we can share this time together. It’s what makes my job and this school so special.” 
Over the past 20 years, she has taught Chinese across greater Cincinnati and has launched successful Mandarin Chinese programs at four schools. Prior to earning her master’s at Xavier University, she ran her own English school and tutoring center in Taiwan.  
But she is settled in the Country Day community now.  
“My sons, Jack ’21 and Frank ’19, graduated from Country Day and are the third generation of our family to attend the school. My husband, Eric ’91 and his brothers, Dan ’88 and Greg ’85, attended Country Day.  My father-in-law, Paul ’58 and his brothers, Alan ’55 and Don ’53, attended County Day as well. Now I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.”  
In addition to providing an incredible experience for her students, Weston enjoys playing piano, spending time with her family and dogs, exercising regularly, and traveling.  
“I enjoy traveling to other countries and experiencing other cultures. I try to bring that joy and curiosity to my classroom. I hope to be able to travel more soon – it’s such an important way to gain a better understanding of the world around us.”