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Celebrating the Classes of 2030, 2026, and 2022

We celebrated three major class milestones on May 27 and May 28 with the 4th grade recognition ceremony, the 8th grade recognition ceremony, and the commencement ceremony for the Class of 2022.  

On Friday afternoon, the 4th grade class of 2030 moved out of Lower School and on to Middle School.  

"I hope you've learned thus far the enormous importance of living the character virtues - responsibility, respect, integrity, courage, and compassion," said the head of lower school, Mark Morawski, to the Class of 2030. "I hope you find your time in the lower school a wonderful beginning to the next experiences coming in your life. We know how great you are going to be."   

For pictures from the 4th grade ceremony, click here.  

On Friday evening, Country Day's centennial class, the Class of 2026, finished their time at Middle School at the 8th grade graduation ceremony.  

The head of middle school, Theresa "Hirsch" Hirschauer, left the Class of 2026 with a few crucial pieces of advice.  

"Don't be followers. Country Day allows you to find your path, which doesn't have to follow any stereotypes. Create new clubs, shine on the stage for talent shows and musicals, and participate in as many sports as possible. Do not take for granted the opportunities you have. Be able to look at yourself in the mirror in four years and know that you put forth your best effort. Do not doubt your ability. This class is incredibly talented. Stay tight as a group and celebrate the accomplishments with each other. Build on these over the next four years and the sky is the limit." 

For pictures from the 8th grade ceremony, click here.

On Saturday, May 28, the 96th Country Day Commencement Ceremony celebrated the Class of 2022. Seventy students walked across the stage in the Carey Family Amphitheater to receive their diplomas from Head of School Rob Zimmerman ’98.  

Tasked with giving a few remarks, Senior Class President Daisy McClean chose to define the Class of 2022 with one word - iconic. She explained that despite the pandemic challenges this class faced, they never let it steal their senior year moments. Instead, they created a genuinely iconic year, from bringing life to the student section to planning dances again.  

Student Council President Zach Corbin also addressed the class one last time, leaving his classmates with some sound advice.  

"Class of 2022, I hope you continue to laugh and smile and enjoy the little things in life just as we've done here. Continue to find the inspiration in each other, and let's never stop inspiring one another and those around us."  

For pictures of Commencement, click here.