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Country Day Celebrates the Arts

In April, the Cincinnati Country Day School community enjoyed a culmination of a year’s work in the arts.

At the Upper School Arts Happening, guests perused artwork displayed in Messer Gallery, recognized the Scholastic Arts Awards winners, and listened to artist talks by Shane Jones ’22 and Ellie Barlow ’23.

Shane, who has been in the art studio since he was a freshman, focused on fishing for his AP studio art sustained investigation and walked the audience through his projects and progression as an artist.

“I like to fish for fun and then document it through my artwork,” said Jones. “It made sense to use my sustained investigation to showcase the fish I have caught, the people that I go fishing with, and where I like to fish.”

Ellie, who joined Country Day as a sophomore, walked the audience through her inspirations and the evolution of her inquiry, which focused on the artistry and purpose of tattoos.

“Tattoos are markers of identity,” explained Barlow. “People get tattoos for many reasons, but there is usually a community influence to tattoo selection. Tattoos have the ability to create strong and permanent connections.”

Speaking of connections, there was no doubt that the audience connected with the performances provided by the Nighthawk Band and Choir during the Upper School Spring Concert and Honors Band Presentation.

Kourtni Hamilton ’22 sang a gorgeous rendition of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” Christian Fitzpatrick ’22 led the band in a Mambo-inspired piece "Havana Nights!" and Luc Bonomo ’23 busted out a baritone saxophone solo on the famous jazz piece "Kiss to Build a Dream on."

Guided by choir teacher Trio Jeng, Kourtni and Catherine Monroe ’25 also performed a handful of songs, from “Ave Maria” to “America” from the West Side Story.

“These amazing vocalists have been working hard all year and sound amazing,” said Stephanie Wietmarschen, K-12 fine arts chair and band director. “Nothing can prepare you for the gorgeous interwoven melodies of these two voices!”

The Nighthawk Band, which consists of 16 Upper School students (Luc Bonomo ’23, Parker Corbin ’24, Will Donovan ’23, Christian Fitzpatrick ’22, Nate Greenstein ’25, Elijah Guttman ’25, Fleur Helmantel ’24, Emil Hettich ’23, Reed Horton ’25, Jack Monroe ’25, Andrew Pavlisko ’24, Zach Pavlisko ’25, Wes Peters ’25, Justin Puckett ’22, Daniel Sgro Plaut ’24, Zac Vaughan ’25), played an array of music, from the theme song from the movie “The Incredibles” to “Faith” by Stevie Wonder.

“These ensembles have worked hard at such high level all year long,” continued Wietmarschen. “One of the great aspects of our music program is that everyone is welcome to perform. We are a no-cut school. The students grow and develop together, learning from one another as we progress through the music and school year. Our ensembles may be small, but they are powerful.”