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Country Day Welcomes Holocaust Survivor to Speak with Students

On April 29, Cincinnati Country Day School welcomed Zahava Rendler, who is a Holocaust survivor, to campus. 

Organized by Board of Trustees member Ariella "Ari" Cohen '01 and Middle School teacher Kyle Scully, Zahava shared her story with the 7th grade class and an Upper School history class.  

Zahava was born on March 30, 1941, in Poland, right as the Nazis were invading the country. She spent the first six years of her life moving from hiding spot to hiding spot.  

Ezra, Zahava and Levi

Ezra, Zahava, and Levi

Zahava teaches Hebrew and Judaic studies at Rockwern Academy and taught Ezra Cohen '27 and Levi Guttman '27. Ezra and Levi introduced Zahava to the stage and spoke about Holocaust Remembrance Day and the importance of talking about the Holocaust.  

Future 2022-23 class president Nick Watts '23 was also in attendance and expressed the importance of hearing about history straight from those who lived it.  

"It's important to learn about events like World War II and the Holocaust from survivors. Hearing their stories and listening to them tell it helps us realize how connected we are to the past," said Watts.  

Zahava said she became a teacher to educate the younger generations about the past. She left the students with an important message. 

"We are all the same. We are all humans. Each of you is important. Learn about and learn from the past to open your minds to the future. Only you can change the future. You must never be silent. Not one of us is better than another. For this reason, we must treat each other with fairness and respect. Never be cold or narrow-minded. If we forget human decency, we will all become lost in humankind."