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Dorian Terrell Receives the 2022 Staff Recognition Award

Dorian Terrell is the recipient of the 2022 Staff Recognition Award for his distinguished service to the school community.

If you do not know Terrell in person, you have certainly benefitted from his presence if you have spent any time on the Cincinnati Country Day School campus.

As day custodian, Terrell has been given the nickname “The Energizer Bunny” because he has not stopped moving since joining the team in 2015.

“He is an unstoppable worker and does anything that is asked of him by the facilities department, faculty, and staff,” said James Boling, director of facilities. “Sometimes I think he would run through a brick wall if we asked him to.”

The Staff Recognition Award honors full- or part-time staff members for outstanding workplace achievements that contribute to the school’s excellence. The head of school and the cabinet team review submissions to select one award recipient each year. An individual may win the award only once during his or her CCDS tenure.

“Even through Covid, he would do extra and then do some more without complaining,” continued Boling. “If you asked anyone on campus, they would have nothing but positive things to say about Dorian. His value to the facilities department and the school is beyond measure. He is very deserving of this award.”

The criteria for the award is that the person must consistently exceed the expectations of the position. Recipients must demonstrate an ability and willingness to work effectively with others to improve the Country Day experience for everyone. Terrell fits this description perfectly.

“Dorian has a do-whatever-it-takes attitude and approach. At the center of his approach, the students remain the focus,” said Mark Morawski, head of Lower School. “He is known to step outside the scope of his primary responsibilities to support, console, or connect with a child who needs a little pick-me-up. Simply put, Dorian goes above and beyond to support our community.  When we think of Dorian, we think of a staff member without whom Country Day wouldn’t be the same.”