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Eight Students Named as 2022-23 Class Scholars

Eight Students Named as 2022-23 Class Scholars

During Convocation, Cincinnati Country Day School’s opening ceremony, Head of Upper School Jenn Weinheimer announced the 2022-23 class scholars - the top scholars in their grades.

For the Class of 2026, this award went to five students: Ryaan Arif (Mason), Gabriel Benitez (Loveland), Kate Kranias (Indian Hill), Kier Smith (Blue Ash), and Jason Starodub (Liberty Township); for the Class of 2025, this award went to two students: Louise Joy (Cincinnati) and Jordan Lowe (Montgomery); and for the Class of 2024, this award went to Marley Handler (Loveland).

“The academic expectations at Country Day are significant, and there are many students who work hard and impress us with their dedication and their ambition; therefore, it is truly an outstanding accomplishment for a student to be named the leading scholar in their class,” said Weinheimer. “As our scholars were named, it was easy to think of accomplishments that each of these students have achieved in addition to their academic records, whether Kate and Jason’s work on InvenTeams or Marley’s independent study in computer science or Louisa’s role on Student Council; these students are leaders in our community.”

Class scholars are the students in each class who have achieved at the highest level. GPA and courseload are the two biggest determining factors. 

"To me, being a class scholar is definitely a huge reward,” said Louisa Joy `25. “School is a lot and it’s hard to succeed in an academically challenging environment, but I think the feeling of knowing that you have done your absolute best and have learned so much over the years is something that feels very rewarding. I definitely would not be where I am now in all of my subjects and academic spheres without the support of the amazing teachers."

Kate Kranias `26 agreed with Joy, and added that “being a class scholar is really an honor, to be on par with these other students. As a sophomore, I look up to the upperclassmen, especially people like Louisa. I've seen how hard she works and to receive the same type of honor makes me feel proud of myself and the work that I've put in.”


Top row (left to right): Jason Starodub, Ryaan Arif, Gabriel Benitez, Kier Smith
Bottom row (left to right): Louisa Joy, Jordan Lowe, Marley Handler, Kate Kranias