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High Achievement on National Language Exams

High Achievement on National Language Exams

At Cincinnati Country Day School, our students have a long history of high achievement on the national language exams.

The National French Contest, Le Grand Concours, is sponsored annually by the American Association of Teachers of French. This year, students in the Middle School and Upper School received 10 gold, 18 silver, and four bronze medals. The following students are recognized as lauréat national for scoring in the top 10% nationally:

  • French Level 01: Silver Medal: Alhassan Bah `29, Linden Batts `29, Dominique Makasiar `29, Aria Neilkumar `29 Bronze Medal: Camila Garcia-Altuve `29
  • French Level 1: Gold Medal: Sophie Corwin `28, Margot Edmondson `28, Olivia Ims `28 Silver Medal: Sam Driehaus `28, Emily Falkingham `28, Eleni Ni `28, Eric Niu `27 Bronze Medal: Ved Deshmukh `27 
  • French Level 2: Gold Medal: Emily Connolly `27, Gertrude Lazarus `27, Evelyn Ni `27, Minna Vens `27 Silver Medal: Aly Bah `27, Andrea Sgro Plaut `27
  • French Level 3: Gold Medal: Irene Oroza Tamaral `26 and Shiva Shyam `26 Silver Medal: Adam Arebi `25, Victoria Quintero `25 Bronze Medal: Noor Elkasaby `26
  • French Level 4: Silver Medal: Jack Monroe `25 and Vic Quintero `25 Bronze Medal: Alessandra Garcia-Altuve `25
  • French Level 5: Gold Medal: Louisa Joy `25 Silver Medal: Rana Arebi `24, Aminata Bah `24, Alexis Bonniol `27, Daniel Sgro-Plaut `24

Félicitations to this year’s winners and thanks to the faculty – Ellen Evans, Rachel Corwin, and Jeanette Hecker – for encouraging academic excellence in language.

Every year students across the nation compete on the National Spanish Exam sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. This year, students in the Middle School and Upper School earned a total of five gold medals, 11 silver medals, and 12 bronze medals in the Ohio Buckeye Chapter. 

  • Spanish Level 01: Silver Medal: Lili Sancrant `29, Itish Singh `29 Bronze Medal: Ronan Bhati `29, Ethan Kern `29, Brooke Lindner `29, Kylie Smith `29
  • Spanish Level 1: Gold Medal: Dima Chernovol `28 Silver Medal: Ray Chen `28, Charli Fangman `28, Noor Machmouchi `28 Bronze Medal: Stella Duong `28, Cameron Orr `28, Tyler Spence `28, Lenn Zimmermann `28
  • Spanish Level 2: Silver Medal: Jessica Chen `26, Yihe Zhang `26, Autumn Rinaldi `27, Matthew Wood `27 Bronze Medal: Ria Patel `27, Roxy Vollmer `27
  • Spanish Level 3: Gold Medal: Jason Starodub `26 Silver Medal: Jordan Lowe `25
  • Spanish Level 4: Gold Medal: Gabriel Benitez `26 Silver Medal: Nik Shah `25 Bronze Medal: Donovan Gray `25, Ashley Odom `25
  • Spanish Level 5: Gold Medal: Marley Handler `24, Gigi Macias-Jaime `24 Silver Medal: Jordis Martin `24

¡Felicidades! to all this year’s winners and thanks to the faculty – Daniela Melo, Rick Schoeny, Jessica Hall, Malena Castro, Angela Suarez, and Laura Wilson – for helping our students achieve their potential in Spanish.


MS National Language Exam 2024 Medal Winners

Middle School Medal Winners - 2024 National Language Exams