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Josh Williamson '23 Recaps What He Learned at TAP MD

Josh Williamson '23 spent his summer traveling around the Cincinnati area, taking part in the highly competitive TAP MD summer medical exploration program through The Health Alliance. Students attend various learning experiences that show what it is like to be a physician.  

Through the TAP MD program, Josh learned more about the field of medicine, including what it is like to be a physician, an inside look at various specialties, and information about medical school. 

"I'm interested in the more biomedical, technological, computer science side of medicine, and this program showed me how there are a lot of different jobs that fall under the title "physician" and how I can combine my interests in the medical field," said Williamson.  

Williamson spent his time doing everything from surgical simulation labs, sitting in on physician training sessions, experiencing a virtual reality three dimensional look at human hearts, watching surgeries, and more. 

"My favorite parts were touring the helipad at the University of Cincinnati and seeing the surgical simulations. It made me even more excited to enter the medical field," said Williamson. 

In total, 60 students from the tri-state area participated in one of TAP's three programs – TAP MD, TAP RN, and TAP HC. But Williamson was the only student from Country Day.  

"I had a blast! It was so fun to get to know other students I probably would not have met otherwise," said Williamson. "We were also able to mix and match a bit in our rotations, so I took advantage of that and went to some TAPHC courses to learn a little more." 

As Williamson prepares to graduate in May and is looking ahead to his future and college, he already has one decision made.  

"Through TAP MD and the connections I made there, I was offered a job shadowing opportunity next summer in radiology," said Williamson. "I'm hopeful that with this experience, my experience in radiology next summer, and all the amazing opportunities for learning Country Day has given me, I'll step foot on my college campus feeling prepared to take on my pre-medical classes."