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Middle and Upper School Students Excel on National Language Exams

At Cincinnati Country Day School, our students have a long history of high achievement on the national language exams and the 2021-22 school year was no different.  

"Our students' achievements on the national French and Spanish exams are but one way we celebrate and promote language learning at Country Day from pre-K through 12th grade," said Rachel Corwin, middle school teacher and world languages chair. 

The National French Contest, Le Grand Concours, is sponsored annually by the American Association of Teachers of French. Middle and upper school students received seven gold, 12 silver, and 10 bronze medals this year. In addition, the following students scored in the top 10% nationally: 

French Level 01  

  • Gold Medal: Gertrude Lazarus '27, Evelyn Ni '27, Andrea Sgro '27 
  • Silver Medal: Clayton Blust '27, Minna Venus '27 
  • Bronze Medal: Caroline Connelly '26, Katherine Connelly '26, Emily Connolly '27, Claire Donovan '27, Thea Vaughan '27 

French Level 1  

  • Gold Medal: Sophie Parlin '26 
  • Silver Medal: Briana Molloy '26, Shiva Shyam '26, Iris Weizer '26, Ali Zimmerman '26 
  • Bronze Medal: Rowdy Scheer '26 

French Level 2  

  • Gold Medal: Louisa Joy '25 
  • Silver Medal: Gigi Macias-Jaime '24, Victoria Quintero '25 

French Level 3  

  • Gold Medal: Aminata Bah '24 
  • Bronze Medal: Rana Arebi '24, Daniel Sgro '24 

French Level 4  

  • Silver Medal: Matthew Castrucci '23, Emil Hettich '23, Mica Murdoch '23 
  • Bronze Medal: Will Donovan '23 

French Level 5  

  • Gold Medal: Cole Harten '22 
  • Silver Medal: Zach Del Bello '22 
  • Bronze Medal: Mimi Liao '22 

Félicitations to all this year's winners and thanks to the faculty – Brian Harsh, Rachel Corwin, Jeanette Hecker, and Aline Skrzeszewski – for encouraging academic excellence in language. 

Students compete in the National Spanish Exam sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese every year. This year, middle and upper school students earned six gold medals, nine silver medals, and 15 bronze medals in the Ohio Buckeye Chapter. 

Spanish Level 01  

  • Silver Medal: Matthew Wood '27 
  • Bronze Medal: Ria Patel '27 

Spanish Level 1  

  • Silver Medal: Kate Kranias '26, Kier Smith '26, Jason Starodub '26 

Spanish Level 2  

  • Gold Medal: Cherry Yu '22 
  • Silver Medal: Donovan Gray '25, Ashley Odom '25.  
  • Bronze Medal: Wesson Huang '23, Nik Shah '25, Zac Vaughan '25, Nicholas Vredeveld '25 

Spanish Level 3  

  • Gold Medal: Marley Handler '24 
  • Silver Medal: Jordis Martin '24 
  • Bronze Medal: Josh Back '23, Leo Joffe '24, Emma Rainey '24 

Spanish Level 4  

  • Gold Medal: Cole Harten '22, Emil Hettich '23, Victor Nica '22, Ethan Rezer '23 
  • Silver Medal: Shane Jones '22 and Toby Lyle '22  
  • Bronze Medal: Sabrina Mihailescu '23, Alex Riemann '23, Lizzie Stacy '23, Austin Vaughn '22, Joshua Williamson '23, Sarah Zimmerman '22 

Spanish Level 5  

  • Bronze Medal: Pooja Kantemneni '22   

¡Felicidades! to this year's winners, and thanks to the faculty – Georgina Masterson, Rick Schoeny, Palmira Buten, Malena Castro, Angela Suarez, and Laura Wilson – for helping our students achieve their potential in Spanish. 

Continued Corwin, "We are fortunate at CCDS to have language teachers and students with a passion for and pursuit of excellence.”