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Parents' Association Hosts Michelle Icard, Nationally Renowned Author and Educator

On April 19, the Parents’ Association hosted Michelle Icard, a CNN parenting writer and member of the TODAY Show parenting team, for her presentation on "The Essential Parenting Conversations – and How to Have Them."

Icard guided the attendees past their fears and challenges around covering “the important stuff” with their tweens and teens and into a confident enough position to have meaningful conversations where their kids will actually engage. 

“Michelle Icard changed my mindset of parenting tweens. Her witty sense of humor and simple parenting tools have allowed me to learn how to be accepting and respectful of my children's growing need for independence and responsibility that only comes from their trial and error…and error…and error,” said Daphne Jurgensen, Parents’ Association vice president. “As much as I feel the need to tighten the reigns to shield my children from life’s unpleasantries, I now know how to shift control from me to my children and become the supporting role in their lives and take the time to learn who they are and want to be, without taking control of the path to achieving it. It’s difficult but I realize that I’m not alone and everyone is on this turbulent journey of parenting tweens/teens.”

Over 100 Country Day parents, faculty, and staff attended the presentation, which included the opportunity to ask questions, mingle with other parents, and win a signed copy of Icard’s latest book “Fourteen Talks by Age Fourteen,” on which the presentation was based.

“This book was selected as the book for our Middle School book club this year by a parent recommendation, which is how the books are always selected,” explained Head of Middle School Theresa Hirschauer. “It’s one of the great things about book club – the parents find ways to support each other through conversation, support, and recommendations.”

In addition to learning general dos and don’ts for communicating successfully with adolescents, Icard talked about specifics of what parents need to know on some hot topics, such as building identity, staying connected to your child, trying and quitting, brain development, necessary risk-taking, social media, and everyday landmines.

Click here to watch the April 19 presentation and click here for photos. For more information about Michelle Icard or her next book, visit You can also join her Facebook group titled Less Stressed Middle School Parents to share questions and insight with other parents.