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Portrait of a Country Day Graduate - Sigourney Smyth `23

Portrait of a Country Day Graduate - Sigourney Smyth `23

Senior Sigourney Smyth has spent almost her entire academic career at Country Day. This fall, she is attending James Madison University to major in biology. Sigourney hopes to use her degree to pursue a career in the environmental sciences and help fight climate change. Before she heads off on her journey to higher education, she will first spend the summer as a camp counselor at Keystone Camp in North Carolina.

Sigourney has been a leader throughout her time as a Country Day student. As a senior, she was a peer mentor, took on the role of social media director for the school’s theater department, played on the golf team, and even co-led a CCDX Week course. She and Will Griffin `23 helped their peers learn basic survival skills and advanced camping preparation, and then led them on a backpacking trip to the Red River Gorge to apply their skills, knowledge, and adventurous spirits.


When Sigourney found out that the fall play would be Pride and Prejudice, she knew she just had to be Lizzie Bennett. “I read the book my junior year in English class, and I have watched the movie countless times since then. Acting was something I had never done before but I tried out and got the part! I found a really amazing group of people in the theater community this past year that I wish I would have found earlier in my high school career.”


While most siblings might not see eye-to-eye as younger kids, that has never been the case with Sigourney and her younger brother, Simon `25. “We were born close in age to each other, and he has always been there for me. He is my built-in best friend and is always there for my adventures.” Sigourney also enjoys the presence of another family member on campus. Her mom Suzy Smyth is a support specialist at the Lower School.


My grandpa gave him to me in kindergarten. Coconut is also a reminder of my childhood. He would go with me everywhere, he has seen everything I have been through, and he knows all my secrets. I still sleep with him at night and take him everywhere.”


Despite her love of photography and videography, she never took a photography class, but she wants to make sure her friends have something to look back on. “This camera is mostly symbolic considering the fact that I document everything. I also make videos for my YouTube channel, which I learned how to do by being introduced to video editing in Mr. Rose’s drama II class.  I want to be able to remember high school; it reminds me of my friends.” She was also the production photographer for the winter musical Tick, Tick…BOOM!


Sigourney learned a lot of lessons by riding horses, which is something she has been doing since she was eight years old. “I am definitely the horse girl of my friend group. It has taught me a lot of responsibility. The community and my experiences at Green Acres, where I ride, has taught me not to give up after a fall or when a horse isn’t working out. It has taught me that it is okay to not be great at something right away.”