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Regional Power of the Pen Tournament Hosted on our Campus

Regional Power of the Pen Tournament Hosted on our Campus

Thirty-two Power of the Pen teams convened on Country Day’s campus in early March for the regional Power of the Pen tournament for the second year in a row.

“I think everyone would agree that the absolute best part of the day is the fact that our 176 writers created 528 stories,” says Emily DiMatteo, Middle School English teacher and Power of the Pen coach, during the award ceremony. “These stories did not exist until this very moment, until the brilliant and creative minds of the kids in this room created them, gave them a voice and a place in our world.”

During the award ceremony, district tournament awards were also presented, including the Best of Round awards, Director’s Choice awards, and Platinum Pen awards. Eloise Young `28 received the round 1 Best of Round award for the St. Bernard Elmwood Place District Tournament for her piece, “I Will Be Your Alibi.”

The district individual and team awards were then presented, with 24 students individually recognized across seventh grade and eighth grade. Margot Edmondson `28 won 6th place in the eighth grade individual results.

“It may seem to you like a writing competition is an old-fashioned thing,” said Theresa “Hirsch” Hirschauer, reading words written by Head of School Rob Zimmerman `98. “Isn’t writing becoming obsolete in the face of AI? Aren’t we living in a post-book world where social media platforms replace bookstores? Well, no. I’m here to tell you that such talk is wrong. Books, writing, and, yes, the power of the pen: they are timeline and essential, and always will be.”

The top 20-25% of writers will qualify for the state tournament, which will take place May 16-17 at Ashland University.

Pictured: Eloise Young `28 and Margot Edmondson `28.