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Science Olympiad Team Places in Top 10 in Ohio State Invitational

Science Olympiad Team Places in Top 10 in Ohio State Invitational

On Saturday, January 21, the Science Olympiad team competed in the Ohio State Invitational and placed 10th out of 36 teams, with top 10 and top six placement showings in individual events. The school had two teams compete. 
Science Olympiad is the premier team STEM competition in the nation, providing standards-based challenges to 6,000 teams at 425 tournaments in all 50 states.   
“We have strong senior leadership on the team, and we have been excited to see some impressive performances coming from our new recruits as well. We are looking forward to our next competition – the Regional Science Olympiad competition at Xavier University on Saturday, March 4,” says upper school teacher Paula Butler. 

Noticeable placings include: 

Team Blue: 

  • 1st place Chem Lab – Jason Starodub  `26 Yihe Zhang `26 

  • 2nd place Write It Do It – Miki Ozawa `23 and Lizzy Stacy `23 

  • 3rd place Trajectory – Marley Handler `24 and Yihe Zhang `26 

  • 5th place Anatomy – Jordan Lowe `25 and Yihe Zhang `26 

  • 6th place Detector Building – Weison Huang `23 and Rana Arebi `25 

  • 6th place Green Generation – Lizzy Stacy `23 and Will Griffin `23 

  • 6th place Remote Sensing – Jordan Lowe `25 and Marley Handler `24 

  • 7th place Cell Biology – Joshua Williamson `23 and Miki Ozawa `23 

  • 7th Place Forensics – Marley Handler `24 and Lizzy Stacy `23 

  • 8th place Code Busters – Joshua Williamson `23, Weison Huang `23, and Jason Starodub `26 

  • 8th place Wi-Fi Lab – Weison Huang `23 and Miki Ozawa `23 

  • 10th place Experimental Design – Jordan Lowe `25, Rana Arebi `25, and Lizzy Stacy `23. 

Team White: 

  • 8th place Cell Biology – Leo Joffe `24 and Trevor Gregorsok `25  

  • 9th place Dynamic Planet – Trevor Gregorsok `25 and Shay Kinebrew `24 

  • 10th place Astronomy – Ayaan Arif `25 and Jessica Chen `26 

"I want to give a shout out to Yihe Zhang for placing in the top five for all her events! She is a freshman, so this is her first year with Science Olympiad —I cannot wait to see how she does in the future," says Science Olympiad Captain Joshua Williamson `23.  

Both the blue and white teams’ next competition is the regional competition at Xavier University on Saturday, March 4, where last year, they came in second place, winning 19 medals. If they do well enough again this year, they will move on to the state tournament for the 15th consecutive year. 

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