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Senior Seminar Presents Opportunities for Recent Alums to Provide Guidance to Seniors

Cincinnati Country Day School's annual Senior Seminar offers an enlightening opportunity for seniors to connect with recent alumni, who present on a range of topics related to their college experiences.  

"Senior Seminar is essential for the jolt of energy and inspiration it gives our seniors as they enter the last few months of their high school careers," said Upper School English teacher Dr. Erin Shaull. "Seeing recent alumni, many of whom the current students remember, return to Country Day and talk about exciting opportunities in college is revitalizing and eye-opening for our seniors. It helps them build momentum for the spring semester and shifts their focus from their presence in high school to their future beyond Country Day."  

This year, Country Day welcomed 10 alumni back to the Senior Seminar.  

Senior Seminar

From left to right: Sydney, Alexia (top), Nevie (top), Nick (top), Eashwar (top), Alex (top),  Annie, Madeleine, Dylan, 

Sydney Baker '19  

Eashwar Kantemneni '20      

Annie Kovach '19 

Nick Krammer '17         

Madeleine Morales '18 

Andrew Osborn '19  

Alexia Otchere '20     

Josie Rutherford '18 

Nevie Smith '19        

Dylan Thompson '19 

Topics for these 20-minute presentations ranged from chemical engineering in real life, studying abroad, incorporating your passions into your career plan, entrepreneurship in the media industry, and more.  

"It's great hearing from recent alumni on topics related to college because they know the concerns and questions you have as a senior in high school," said Margaret Sprigg-Dudley '22. "For me, it was especially helpful hearing from Madeline Morales on what going to college in a big city looks like because next year I'll be going to school in a big city too."  

While the seminar offers the seniors a chance to gain insight and reassurances about extracurricular and co-curricular experiences and options at the college level, it also gives the alumni a chance to visit campus and connect with their favorite teachers and their former peers.  

"My favorite part is simply seeing the way the alumni react to being back on campus, seeing one another, and seeing familiar faculty and staff faces," said Dr. Shaull. "It's a homecoming for them. As the years go by, welcoming them home becomes more personal, but it is always humbling to see how much the school still means to these remarkable young adults." 

To watch a video recap of the seminar, click here.