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Team Excels at State Science Olympiad Tournament

Team Excels at State Science Olympiad Tournament

Contributions from Josh Williamson `23

The Science Olympiad team participated in the state competition at the Ohio State University for the 15th consecutive year! The team placed 24th out of 40 teams, an improvement from last year’s result.

Of the teams from southwest Ohio, Country Day’s team scored the second highest, edging out St Xavier, Indian Hill, and Loveland high schools.

Placing in the top 10 in their categories are Jordan Lowe `25 and Marley Handler `24 placed 4th in the remote sensing category, an event that focuses on using satellite data and spectroscopic information to study meteorology, climate change, and our planet. Jason Starodub `26 and Yihe Zhang `26 placed 9th in the chemistry lab category.

We had 10 teams that placed in the top 20 in their categories, including:  

4th Place in Remote Sensing – Jordan Lowe `25 & Marley Handler `24
9th Place in Chemistry Lab – Jason Starodub `26 & Yihe Zhang `26
12th Place in Astronomy – Ayaan Arif `25 & Jessica Chen `26
12th Place in Detector Building – Weison Huang `23 & Jessica Chen `26
12th Place in Green Generation – Lizzy Stacy `23 & Miki Ozawa `23
13th Place in Forensics – Marley Handler `24 & Rana Arebi `24
15th Place in It’s About Time – Jessica Chen `26 & Alex Riemann `24
18th Place in Experimental Design – Jordan Lowe `25, Lizzy Stacy `23, Rana Arebi `24
19th Place in Anatomy & Physiology – Jessica Chen `26 & Ayaan Arif `25
19th Place in Fermi Questions – Joshua Williamson `23 & Jason Starodub `26