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The Beach Explained

The Beach Explained

Submitted by Precious Smith `87 

The Class of 1987 raised money in dedication of The Beach. During the Homecoming weekend alumni reception this year, classmates gathered to present a plaque and the donation to the school and share memories of their days at Country Day.  

Where and what is The Beach? 
The Beach was located outside the arts program rooms at the eastern end of the old Upper School building, facing Given Road and the school's entrance. Before the Upper School was renovated and received its second floor, the arts programs were located furthest away from the “fishbowl” – the name we gave to the junior class lounge in the 80s – and the senior hallway. Basically, The Beach was as far away from the pressures of Pattison's history assignments and Hickman's grammar diagrams as we could get, both literally and figuratively, while remaining in the Upper School. It was a place to go and sit, enjoy nature, and watch the bucolic passing of time as infrequent travelers rode down Given Road, and converse with classmates from across cliques, as The Beach belonged to no one favored group of students.   

Why did the Class of 1987 raise money for The Beach dedication?  
The Beach held fond memories because it really was the place where we could forget about cliques, junior papers, and college applications. The Beach was one of the few egalitarian places on campus – "jocks" ruled the fields, the "honor society" types hung out in the math/physics rooms, but The Beach hosted us all.  

Why do you think it's important that classes continue to support the school?  
I believe it demonstrates the value we place on our CCDS education and the gratitude we have for the experiences we had while attending. 

Can you share a fun story or memory about The Beach?  
My favorite memory is of listening to the art studio blasting Marty Robbins' “A White Sport Coat (And a Pink Carnation)” through the open glass doors while we sat at The Beach and did extra work on art projects. 


Country Day’s legacy is built on the success, dedication, and generosity of its community, and we are deeply grateful to those who choose to give back to the school to ensure that future generations can benefit as they once did. Have you or your fellow classmates ever considered support like that offered by the Class of 1987? Reunion gatherings are the perfect time to get together and coordinate efforts to leave a legacy of your own. Contact Peter Fossett ’80, associate director of alumni and legacy giving, at or 513-979-0283 for more information.