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The School Community Expresses Gratitude, Showcases Character Virtues Through the Annual Food Gathering and Turkey Train

On November 21, the school held the annual All-School Food Gathering and Turkey Train. 

All three divisions come together for the event, with the Upper School and Lower School students bringing in canned goods while the Middle School students brought in frozen turkeys to share with the John P. Parker School community.  

"I have a deep sense of gratitude when I walk on campus, and it's because of you – the students and faculty and staff," says Rob Zimmerman '98, head of school. "What makes Country Day special isn't just the books, curriculum, or buildings – it's the people." 

According to fourth graders Lex Whitt and Sasha Cuffy, the Lower School donated 1,818 cans, and the Upper School donated 2,049 cans, totaling 3,867 cans.  

“Fourth grade was so excited to help with this year’s food drive, thanks to everyone who donated canned goods and turkeys to help local families in need,” says Whitt.  

While the fourth graders and Upper School students packed vans full of canned goods, the Middle School students lined up in front of the school to pass the turkeys to each other and onto a refrigerated truck donated by UDF. This year, the Middle School brought in 155 turkeys, adding up to 2,215 lbs.  

"We're a learning community. We all learn daily from each other. For example, just last week, I learned from our Upper School students that expressing gratitude can help you be more successful and happier," says Zimmerman. "We can change the world by showing our gratitude to others through acts like the All-School Food gathering and Turkey Train. These efforts are powerful examples of our character virtues in action." 


Click here to see pictures and videos from the event.