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Two Country Day Students Spend Summer at University of Miami

Two Country Day Students Spend Summer at University of Miami

Jourdan Jones '23 and Emma Valentin '23 participated in the University of Miami Summer Scholars Program this past summer. Jones and Valentin were selected from a large, nationwide pool of high school students.  
As a Summer Scholar, high school students take university courses, earn university credit, complete research with professors, live on campus, and experience undergraduate life.  

"I loved the Summer Scholars Program. I'm not the type to want to spend three weeks in another state without friends or family, but I don't regret anything. I learned so much, got an amazing college experience, and met people from all over the world," said Valentin.  

Valentin completed the course “Cancer Biology: Treatment, Management, and Prevention” while Jones completed the course “Litigation and the Law Profession.”  

"This was a life-changing experience for me. It allowed me to learn more about the legal profession, which is a field I'm interested in exploring,” said Jones. “Although it was a challenging course, I truly loved it, and it was very fulfilling to succeed in a college course and learn from my peers. The University of Miami is all about a ‘work hard, play rigid’ mindset, and I think they lived up to that. My class was rigorous, but it was a safe space to ask questions. I had a lot of fun and made lifelong friends while also gaining experience and skills in the course of my choice."