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Upper School Students Excel in U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad

Upper School Students Excel in U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad

For receiving top scores in the city in the annual U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad competition, three Upper School students – Trevor Gregorsok `25, Jason Starodub `26, and Yihe Zhang `26 – were honored this spring at a ceremony sponsored by the Cincinnati chapter of the American Chemical Society.

“I’m just so proud of these students for their interest in competing and their willingness to study in their own time,” says Paula Butler, chemistry teacher. “It’s reflective of the bright future we have here at Country Day, where we allow our students to pursue the passions that they feel motivated to pursue. Chemistry can be a complex subject that appeals to those who like puzzles, patterns, and problem-solving, which absolutely fits the bill for all three of these truly impressive students.”

Sophomore Yihe scored in the top 10 out of 93 advanced students from southwestern Ohio in the first round, which included approximately 10,000 students across the country. Trevor and Jason were among the 1,000 students who then qualified for the second round of the competition, during which they took a challenging five-hour test including a lab practical.

“I like that we are able to provide such rigorous opportunities like this for our students,” says Butler. “A competition like this allows our students to achieve at an even higher level, test their abilities, and stretch themselves. It’s a humbling experience that can open their minds to other possibilities.”

The U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO) program is a multi-tiered chemistry competition for high school students. ACS has sponsored the program since 1984.