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Welcoming America's Newest Citizens

Welcoming America's Newest Citizens

On May 2, we hosted a naturalization ceremony on our campus during which 50 people were sworn in as U.S. citizens.

“Congratulations to our guests of honor – we are proud to call you our fellow Americans, and your commitment renews our belief in our American experiment,” said Head of School Rob Zimmerman `98 during the ceremony.

To contribute to the festive spirit of the day, earlier in the week our Lower School Houses worked together to create items to give to the newest citizens after the ceremony:

💛Courage created ribbon flags.

💜Responsibility created patriotic frames to display their special day.

💚Respect decorated the welcome bags.

🧡Integrity made USA keychains.

💙Compassion created Pledge of Allegiance writings.

The Carey Family Amphitheater was designated as a United States courthouse for the day as we welcomed America's 50 newest citizens as they took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States of America. Click here to watch our very own choir director, Greg Miller, sing the National Anthem at the ceremony.

The Honorable Susan Dlott presided over the ceremony, and addressed the soon-to-be naturalized citizens, saying, “This is a happy time….You have shown your commitment and eagerness to take on the responsibility of being an American citizen. It’s a great gift, which represents the dreams and aspirations of centuries.”