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Welcome to Cincinnati Country Day School!

Like our students, our faculty work in collaboration with one another to build a curriculum that follows an intentional scope and sequence that begins with our youngest learners and continues through the 12th grade. This critical work is overseen by our Teaching and Learning Committee, comprised of our academic leaders: our K-12 department chairs, our directors of technology, support services, EDI and SEL, our director of pre-primary, and our three division heads.

Differentiation for different learners happens through intervention support and accelerated programming in all divisions, including honors and AP, and post-AP courses in Upper School. Our small class sizes allow for individualized attention for all learners and provide authentic opportunities for teachers to know their students and support them as they discover their unique abilities and pursue their passions. 

To ensure we are providing our students with the tools and skills they need to thrive in today’s world, we provide opportunities for our faculty and staff to pursue in-house collaboration as well as professional growth at conferences like the renowned Learning and the Brain Conference, the NAIS People of Color Conference, National Council of Teachers conferences, and many others. Our teachers apply for Country Day-sponsored summer innovation grants to further their understanding and mastery of content and pedagogy, and exemplary teaching is celebrated with faculty awards both here at Country Day and from outside organizations. 

We are here to support your child’s learning path in every way possible and provide an exemplary experience that will serve you and your child well now and in the future.

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Jenn Weinheimer
Director of Academic Affairs

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