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This prestigious academic program strives to equip our students for a modern world “in which comfort with ideas and abstractions is the passport to a good job, in which creativity and innovation are the key to a good life” (National Center on Education and the Economy). Across the curriculum, CCDS reaches toward these precious intangibles, from its choice of traditional or Montessori pre-school and interdisciplinary Culture Studies (7th grade) and Upper School courses such as Principles of Engineering Design, International Humanitarian Law, and Write the Wrong.

Setting the school apart is its understanding that passion must walk hand-in-hand with excellence. Toward that end, the faculty dedicate themselves to improving their craft, offering in response a wide-range of student-centered approaches to each discipline:

  • Multi-sensory learning
  • Simulation
  • Collaboration
  • Graded discussion and debate
  • Peer critique
  • Intensive research
  • Choice
  • Process-oriented guided inquiry learning
  • Real-world assessments

CCDS, offering private schooling in Cincinnati, OH believes that these innovative approaches to rigorous academics will engage its students substantively, encouraging a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Pattison winners 2020


"Among the best aspects of teaching at CCDS are working with talented colleagues from every discipline who are dedicated to helping every student reach his/her potential, teaching students who are motivated to learn, and creating an environment that fosters unique interactions among faculty and students. What we provide for students is an excellent education which will continue in college, career, and life.”

2020 Pattison Teaching Award recipients Julia Joyce and Prissy Schoeny and 2020 staff award winner Yvonne Green.


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