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Our goal is to help students develop the skills, knowledge, and empathy required to engage successfully in a rapidly changing world. Through CCDXperiences, students see firsthand what it is like to work in a field that interests them through short-term job shadows, long-term volunteer research positions, or weeklong career exploration opportunities on university campuses and in the field. 

Because of the close relationship we have with our students and the generous volunteerism of our community, we are able to match students with relevant, impactful experiences.

Read below for examples of past CCDXperiences.

“The most impactful part was seeing the patient after the surgery. He was so happy. You could see the relief. Doctors aren’t just doing a job; there’s a bond between them and their patients. That inspired me the most. Dr. Riemann truly wants to help people.” – Sohan Gangam `23

CCDXperiences with eye surgery

Ash Annapantula `20 and Dereck Gray `21 shadowed at Kroger Technology.

“I liked how they split up the work among different teams, each with a different problem. It means they can release meaningful updates much faster than their competitors.” – Dereck Gray ‘21

Annapantula and Gray at Kroger

“It’s about building relationships with clients, giving them confidence in Bahl & Gaynor. It’s the whole picture—being professional, being intelligent, but also having those social skills. It was a very positive, inspiring environment. The staff were fun to be around.” – Graham Sorg `23

Graham Sorg

In the summer of 2018, Nevie Smith `19 shadowed Lauren Legette `07 at an Uber video shoot during the Country Music Festival and Awards in Nashville, TN. The two stayed in touch. Nevie attended Elon University and Lauren works at Google and is a Country Day trustee. The two serve together on the Country Day Alumni Council. “Nevie and I are still very close and have continued a mentor/mentee relationship as she navigated college,” Lauren said. “I’m honored to have had the opportunity to give back to Country Day—a place that gave me so much.”

Alums Nevie Smith and Lauren Leggette

“We went over a case and analyzed the prosecution and defense arguments for possible weaknesses. We talked with colleagues their job satisfaction. I got a lot more insight into what it would be like to work as a lawyer, and to work for the government. You can work as a lawyer and still do good.” – Leo Joffe `24

Leo Joffe

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