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Lower School Social

Our Private Independent Lower School

18 Months - Grade 4

Children enter the world naturally eager to learn. At Country Day’s Lower School, our talented faculty maximizes children’s propensity to learn during their highly formative years by ensuring that each student is known, nurtured, and inspired. In warm and welcoming classrooms, students learn by doing—the most effective and lasting type of learning. Our youngest scholars are introduced to academics in a joyful way, which optimizes learning and fosters students who are engaged, curious, and excited about tackling new ideas and concepts. Lower School also values partnering with parents to ensure that each child’s needs are uniquely met. Working in tandem increases students’ confidence, social, emotional, and academic growth. Our youngest learners leave the lower school as active thinkers and doers, eager to continue their learning journeys.

18 months to 3 years. Our preeminent early childhood program in Cincinnati, Ohio emphasizes the development of the whole child. Programming in our Early Childhood Center (ECC) is offered as three, four, or five-day options. 

ECC in the woods

A three-year path that includes Pre-K I, Pre-K II, and Kindergarten.

Playing outside

The Montessori Room is a three-year program for children ages 3-6. 

Montessori classroom

Increased independence, collaboration, self-exploration, self-discovery, risk taking, and more advanced reasoning/critical thinking skills are the hallmarks of our Lower School.

group of students smiling

Quick Facts

Grades: Early Childhood (18 months) - Grade 4
Students: 380
Faculty/Staff: 62
Primary (K-4) class size maximums: Kindergarten: 13; grades 1-2: 16; grades 3-4: 18
Pre-primary (EC/Pre-K/Montessori) student-to-faculty ratios*: 6:1 for children up to age 3; 9:1 or 10:1 for ages 3 and older 
Head of Lower School: Mark Morawski
Director of Pre-Primary: Kathi Bagnoli
Contact: (513) 979-0229

* ratios based upon classroom, collaborative (assistant), and specials teachers and in accordance with state guidelines

For the Lower School Handbook and Curriculum Guide, visit the Enrolled Students page.

Admissions inquiry? Click here to complete an online inquiry. You can also request information by contacting us directly at (513) 979-0220 or