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Parent-Child Programming

Our Lower School offers several programs designed for both current and prospective students and parents/caregivers to enjoy the Country Day experience together. These opportunities are designed specifically for non-enrolled students ranging in age from 10 to 36 months and for our enrolled and pre-primary students and families.

Research shows that children who experience quality play are more likely to have well-developed memory skills and transition easily to more formal school and academic learning environments. Most importantly, life-long learning skills are developed at the earliest stages of child development.

Our play-based learning programs allow students to experiment, negotiate, create meaning, take risks, hone skills, follow instructions, build relationships, and feel good about themselves in a safe, supporting, and fun setting. This type of learning is the cornerstone of Country Day’s pre-primary program and engages children through sensory, movement, and visual engagement.

Country Play Student Playing


Please contact Kathi Bagnoli, director of pre-primary, at 513-979-0358 or