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Our Private Independent Middle School

Grades 5 - 8

In the middle school years, emotional and social development are inextricably entwined with intellectual development. Our day middle school program is designed around that understanding, allowing students the opportunity to build their academic skills, delve into interpersonal issues, engage in athletics, and express themselves creatively, all within the school day.

Curriculum Overview

Extended Day Programs

Country Day has a variety of programs that extend beyond the typical school day to help meet the demands of busy families.

Extended Day Programs

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Academically, teachers strive to capitalize on the students’ social and physical skills, and as a result our students learn in a wide variety of ways.

My Day

Students have numerous opportunities to make each day special. Here are a few examples:

  • engaging in simulations such as Ellis Island and Lincoln-Douglas political debates
  • writing short stories from personal childhood maps
  • serving as “junior naturalists” to help first graders understand basic botany
  • organizing their electronic work with shared OneNote notebooks
  • digitally narrating in Spanish, Chinese or French images they’ve taken of themselves going through the day’s routine
  • Studying a video Algebra lesson at home and doing the homework in class in a “flipped classroom”
  • Making monster puppets out of cardboard boxes and paper mache in art or acting out skits to explore character issues in drama
  • showcasing their talents in the full-class 8th grade musical


To provide guidance in these years of significant personal transition, all students are assigned to a teacher advisor. Advisories meet briefly each morning for attendance and check in, but more importantly, spend extended time together weekly to investigate topics such as character, peer pressure, community service, and the Technology Awareness Campaign.

Bringing all advisories together, weekly assemblies provide divisional unity. There, students may see a traditional Columbian dance, hear about a teacher’s passion, share experiences during a community service day, or cheer peers on in a talent show.


Promoting physical development, sports are built into the school day, with a no-cut policy that allows each child to try his or her hand at the game of choice.

Quick Facts

Grades: 5 - 8
Students: 215
Faculty/Staff: 31
Average class size: 15
Student-to-faculty ratio: 9:1
Head of Middle School:
Theresa Hirschauer
Contact: (513) 979-0227

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To be considered for need-based tuition aid from Country Day, interested families must file the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and upload all requested documents.

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