Campus visitor policy

Under normal circumstances, Country Day welcomes parents and visitors to campus since we value the many ways our community supports our students’ growth and development. However, as an additional step to help contain the spread of disease, we are strictly limiting visitors in the current environment.  Among other restrictions, parents will not be allowed to accompany their students into the buildings. 

Visitor Policy
All visitors to campus must adhere to the following guidelines as recommended and required by Country Day and the State of Ohio.

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• Completion of CCDS health check form before arrival:

Admission Visitors
All Other Visitors

• Stay at home if symptomatic of any illness

• Face coverings supplied by visitor; ages 2 and above

• Limited to four family members only

• Adhere to a 6-foot rule for social distancing between visitors and CCDS students and staff at all times

• Check-in with building receptionist

• Receive visitor’s badge and additional  instructions

• Check-out with building receptionist

• No visitors under the age of 2 or over 65

• No visitors who have travelled abroad in the past 14 days

Time on

• Mask should be worn whenever possible

• Refrain from bringing food or drink into campus buildings; including personal water bottles

• No eating or drinking outside of the Dining Terrace

• Do not use inside or outside areas (play grounds, fields, courts etc.) for individual or group use without prior approval

• Refrain from opening doors other than restrooms

• Refrain from handling or distributing materials

• Refrain from using light switches, projectors, phones, copiers, and other school equipment

• Limited personal items (bags) to one per person unless approved otherwise

• Restrict number of adults or students within classroom or meeting spaces; no groups larger than 10

Cases of

• Immediately notify the school nurse to isolate and seek medical care for any illness

• Shutdown areas for immediate sanitation

• Contact Jobs and Family Service and the Hamilton Country Board of Health with suspected cases of Covid-19

• School will work with local agencies to facilitate effective contact tracing

• If testing is available, school will test all suspected exposures

Due to the nature of visits to campus, visitors may be asked to follow additional guidelines if meeting with students in a small group of less than 10 people, or in a specific area of a facility that is not a common space.