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Upper School

Our Private Independent Upper School

Welcome to the Upper School.  In our building, you’ll see students coming and going, hanging out in the Commons with their friends during a free bell, meeting with their teachers in their offices for extra help or to talk about the latest Marvel movie, and in an empty classroom with their history classmates working on a project due next week. 

Our students enjoy a sense of graduated independence and responsibility here.  While we provide structures like study hall for those who need the scaffolding to learn time management, students who have demonstrated they can do this are encouraged to make choices to set themselves up for success.  Our advisories and peer mentoring provide places for conversation about goal-setting and decision making, and our students leave for college ready to embrace the increased freedoms with a healthy attitude to hard work and pursuing their passions.   

As students come to know themselves better, they nurture intellectual, artistic, and interpersonal relationships that grown into unique passions.

Grades 9 - 12

Deep scholarship and independent thinking are the hallmarks of the upper school program.

Choice plays a key role as well, as students make decisions about what studio and performing arts classes they might take; whether to pursue college preparatory, honors, or AP classes; which sports or clubs they’ll lead; whether a second world language or an AP computer science class best suits their strengths; and which history and English electives most appeal to them. 

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to successfully continue their education at the college level with emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and applying knowledge to new situations. College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) level classes are available. For a complete list of our Upper School course offerings, please view our College Profile

No such thing as a typical day.

With our individualized academic paths, all students are asked daily to approach learning with energy and enthusiasm. We are proud that our students pursue different areas of study; no two graduates will follow the same path at Country Day or after graduation. When our students can find their own paths in the presence of and with the support of others, the whole community is imbued with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement.

While our Upper School students work toward distinguishing themselves as individuals, several shared experiences, both within grade levels and across them, bring our students together, creating that special Cincinnati Country Day School bond.

Graduation Requirements

To provide continuity and support throughout their rigorous Upper School careers, all students are assigned a faculty advisor. The role of the advisor is a critical one, allowing each child a mentor who, over the course of four years, keeps track of the student’s academic, athletic, artistic, and personal progress. 

Twenty-two and one-half (22.5) credits, earned in grades 9-12, are required for graduation. One credit equals one full-year course meeting at least four periods per week. One-half credit is given for courses that meet for only one semester or for less than four periods per week. In addition, physical education is required, as well as 90 hours of community service (30 volunteer hours and 60 service hours to underserved populations). 

Department Required Credits Recommended Credits
Arts 2.0  
English 4.0 4.0
History (modern world and U.S. history) 3.0 4.0
Math (algebra II and geometry) 4.0 4.0
Modern Language (3 upper school credits in one language) 3.0 4.0
Science 3.0 4.0
Computer Science  0.5  
Health 0.5  
Physical Education 0.5  
Electives 2.0 or more  
TOTAL 22.5  

Quick Facts

Grades: 9 - 12
Students: 290
Faculty/Staff: 40
Average class size: 15
Student-to-faculty ratio: 9:1
College Placement: 100% (College Profile)
Head of Upper School:
Jennifer Weinheimer
Contact: (513) 979-0223

Admissions inquiry? Click here to complete an online inquiry. You can also request information by contacting us directly at (513) 979-0220 or

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