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High School students in class with tablets at private independent school.


Grades 9 - 12

Deep scholarship and independent thinking form the academic core of our Upper School education. Choice plays a key role as well, as students make decisions about what studio and performing arts classes they might take; whether to pursue college preparatory, honors, or AP classes; which sports or clubs they’ll choose; and, eventually, what history and English electives they will select their senior year.


Curriculum OVERVIEW

Grades 9-12 curriculum is designed to prepare students to successfully continue their education at the college level with emphasis on critical thinking, problem solving, and applying knowledge to new situations. College Prep, Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) level classes are available. The upper school curriculum includes English, mathematics, world language (Chinese, French or Spanish), history, science, physical education, and fine and performing arts.

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Curricular Areas


Our upper school builds on the foundation established in the middle and lower schools, allowing students to find their passion.


Regardless of the academic path chosen, students are asked daily to approach learning with energy and enthusiasm, as they build skills through myriad pedagogical approaches. On any given day our students might be:

  • Putting Hamlet on trial in an English class
  • Practicing French or Spanish after class with a native speaker “language coach” via Teams/Zoom
  • Choosing expressive color for a self-portrait in art or creating a three-dimensional photo on glass
  • Considering post-Civil War Reconstruction in a videotaped student-led discussion
  • Building a solar-powered car in geometry or making a hand warmer in chemistry

While our Upper School students work toward distinguishing themselves as individuals, several shared experiences, both within grade levels and across them, bring our students together, creating that special Cincinnati Country Day School bond. Included among these moments are:

  • House Cup: including kickball, Wiki races, and spelling bees to name a few.
  • Peer Mentoring: a program that brings 9th graders under the wings of seniors
  • Sophomore Paper: our students’ first formal large-scale research paper, conducted in every sophomore History class
  • Junior Paper: a year-long research paper on a topic germane to American History, advised by a member of the history department
  • The Junior Rafting Trip: The class bonds...
  • Senior Seminars: half-day opportunities for students to get pragmatic information about college and adult life, from understanding finances to hearing from alums about study abroad
  • Senior Projects: an opportunity for seniors to immerse themselves in an area of passion
  • Community Service Day: a trek, by advisory group, out to the community for a full day of assisting those in need and intended to complement our Community Service requirements
  • Multicultural Morning: an Upper School half-day intended to help all students employ their compassion to understand better the diversity of experience around us


To provide continuity and support throughout their rigorous Upper School careers, all students are assigned a faculty advisor. The role of the advisor is a critical one, allowing each child a mentor who, over the course of four years, keeps track of the student’s academic, athletic, artistic, and personal progress.

Twenty-two and one-half (22.5) credits, earned in grades 9-12, are required for graduation. One credit equals one full-year course meeting at least four periods per week. One-half credit is given for courses that meet for only one semester or for less than four periods per week. In addition, physical education is required, as well as 90 hours of community service.

Department Required Credits Recommended Credits
Arts 2.0  
English 4.0 4.0
History (modern world and U.S. history) 3.0 4.0
Math (algebra II and geometry) 4.0 4.0
Modern Language (3 upper school credits in one language) 3.0 4.0
Science 3.0 4.0
Computer Science  0.5  
Health 0.5  
Physical Education 0.5  
Electives 2.0 or more  
TOTAL 22.5  










Grades: 9 - 12
Students: 290
Faculty/Staff: 40
Average class size: 17
College Placement: 100% (College Profile)
Division Head: Jennifer Weinheimer
Contact: (513) 979-0223

For the upper school handbook and the upper school and all-school curriculum guide, visit the Enrolled Students page under the Upper School tab.

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