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CCDS students listening to story time.

Welcome to Cincinnati Country Day School, an independent, co-educational, college preparatory school serving students from 18 months to 18 years.

Our mission is simple – to create leaders who, through the discovery of their own abilities, kindle the potential of others and better a dynamic world.

We are challenging. Our students are challenged academically, athletically, artistically, and personally. Our independent status gives us the freedom to develop our own curriculum, allowing for rich variety and creativity in teaching and learning, that nurtures intellectual curiosity, encourage critical thinking, and stimulates personal growth. Our innovative learning and teaching, environmental commitment, and global engagement programs create a community where student’s abilities, interests, and needs are shaped for college and beyond.

We are nurturing. Our students are encouraged to celebrate what makes them unique and follow their passions with pride. Our small class size and dedicated faculty create a nurturing environment that is an essential catalyst for empowerment and growth. Our culture of kindness and support allows students to feel safe, respected, connected, and as if they are a part of something bigger than themselves, because they are.

We are inclusive. Our students’ “home” is located on a breathtaking 60-acre campus, surrounded by a peaceful, woodland community. Our students take comfort knowing that their home is comprised of classmates, teachers, and staff who come from all walks of life – ethnically, socio-economically, geographically, and philosophically. Our rich diversity creates a community of inclusivity, learning, and acceptance which inspires student to give back through community service, outreach programs, and simply being good citizens of the world.

We are excited! Our admission office staff is committed to helping families understand the unique benefits of a Country Day education. Our goal is to make Country Day affordable to those students who are admitted through the admission process.

Our team is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with your family throughout the application process and showcase how Country Day may be a great fit for your student, both personally and academically – because who they become is as important as what they learn. Country Day is the place to be! 

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Aaron B. Kellenberger
Director of Enrollment Management

Aaron Kellenberger