Tuition Protection Plan

A parent’s financial obligation to Country Day is for the annual tuition charge for the student’s contracted grade/program. The school cannot refund tuition or cancel unpaid obligations if the student withdraws or is dismissed during the academic year.


As an opportunity for parents, Country Day makes available a tuition protection plan. There are two options for purchasing the plan which will minimize the financial loss in the event of a student’s dismissal or withdrawal for any reason.

1. Upon enrollment, parents can select the plan on their enrollment contract at 2.5% of the annual net tuition charge for the student’s grade/program. The premium is due by the close of business day on May 1 and covers 50% of the net tuition, from the date of separation to the end of the academic year, should the student be withdrawn or dismissed. Parents will be required to pay the remaining 50%.

2. Between May 2 and August 1, parents of enrolled students can select the plan at 5% of the annual net tuition charge for the student’s grade/program by contacting the Country Day’s Business Office. The premium is due in full upon selection of the plan and covers 40% of the prorated net tuition, from the date of separation to the end of the academic year, should the student be dismissed or withdrawn. Parents will be required to pay the remaining 60%.

After August 1, the tuition protection plan is not available for new or returning students with previously signed enrollment contracts, and parents will be responsible for 100% of the tuition balance should a student be withdrawn or dismissed for any reason.

For students who enroll after the first day of the academic year can select the tuition protection plan at 2.5% with 50/50 coverage. The plan must be selected upon enrollment and payment must be received in full with the enrollment contract.


Certain terms and conditions apply for the tuition protection plan to be used. The following are examples of unforeseen conditions which may cause a student to be dismissed or withdrawn of which the plan will cover:

    • Family Relocation
    • Family Financial Difficulties
    • Parent Job Loss
    • Student Injury or Sickness (including mental health)
    • Death of a Parent or Student
    • Student Disciplinary Dismissal
    • Academic Dismissal or Difficulties


The following conditions for dismissal or withdrawal of the student are not covered under the plan agreement:

1) Failure to attend classes for any reason other than illness or sickness
2) Illness or sickness (including mental health) if conditions or symptoms were noted and documented by a licensed physician at least 110 days preceding the first day of attendance
3) Pregnancy and/or childbirth
4) Suicide or intentionally self-inflicted injury or sickness
5) Use of any drug, narcotic, or similarly classified illegal substance not prescribed by a doctor
6) Use of alcohol
7) Destruction of school property
8) Causing harm or threat of causing harm to school employees, students, or community members
9) Early graduation or studying abroad
10) Any criminal or fraudulent act


All plan claims must be made to Country Day’s Business Office in writing within 30 days from the date of the student’s dismissal or withdrawal. The Business Office will notify parents of amount still due on a student account or overage, if any, to be refunded by the school.


Questions regarding Country Day’s tuition protection plan should be directed to (513) 979-0297 or