Visit Us

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to meet with an admission counselor and meet our faculty and students. You can observe classes, see our athletic facilities, view an art exhibit, and enjoy the spacious 62-acre campus. It is important to share as much information as you can about your child’s interests with the admission staff so that we can design a tour that meets your specific needs.

We would be glad to arrange a campus visit and tour for you and your family. These visits are scheduled individually by the counselor responsible for your child's grade/program. To arrange your visit to Country Day, please contact the appropriate admission staff member who will be working with your child’s grade or program or request a visit online.

Class Visits

A student visit day is available for prospective students who have applied to grades 5-12. The program gives applicants the opportunity to spend a day attending classes with a current Country Day student. This is a great opportunity for visitors to meet Country Day students and to explore the academic, fine arts, athletic, extra-curricular, and technology programs at Country Day.

Student visit days can be scheduled for any regular school day and should be scheduled at least a week in advance. Visitors are matched with student hosts based on the information provided in the application. To schedule a student visit day for students entering grades 5-12, please contact Elizabeth Habig at (513) 979-0236 or .

Class visitations are available for students in Kindergarten/Montessori Kindergarten through grade 4 who have submitted an application for admission or have been accepted. Having the application for admission will allow us to schedule the most personalized visit possible, and we recommend half-day visits in the morning or afternoon. We will also use the class visit opportunity to complete the observation, evaluation, or standardized testing required for the admission process. Students will have the opportunity to participate in all classroom activities that will include academics as well as specials such as art, world language, outdoor education, physical education, and music. These visits typically include lunch.

Those students interested in a class visit must arrange a date and time with the Admission Office three to five days in advance to ensure that there are no tests being taken on that day, no field trips have been scheduled, and that faculty have time to prepare for the student. This advance notice makes it possible for the prospective student to have an informative and enjoyable visit.

Please contact Donna Legette at (513) 979-0238 or to arrange a class visitation.

high school student in lab