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The leads from Singing in the Rain performing a musical number on stage.

At Cincinnati Country Day, we cultivate artists and advocates of all ages and at all skill and interest levels.

In Lower School, we introduce broader skills in both art and music classes with dramatic opportunities. In Middle School, students can explore art, music, and drama even further with offerings like visual art, band, choir, and technical theater culminating during eighth grade where all bring their talents in a musical. Upper School students can then explore studio art, photography, drama, tech theater, band, and choir with honors and AP offerings.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to instilling an understanding and appreciation for the arts in the classroom, in nature, on the stage, or in gallery spaces. Our goal is to help students develop their passion and forge resilience in the process.

Welcome to Country Day arts!
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Stephanie Wietmarschen
K-12 Fine Arts Chair

Stephanie Wietmarschen