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Arts Alliance

Welcome to the Cincinnati Country Day School Arts Alliance! The Arts Alliance is dedicated to enhancing the artistic experience within our school community.

The logo for the CCDS Arts Alliance.

Core Objectives:

Firstly, we are committed to Supporting Artistic Programming and Curriculum. This involves ensuring the success and vitality of our music, drama, and visual arts programs in alignment with the school's mission. Through our efforts, we aim to provide students with a nurturing environment where their creative talents can flourish.

Secondly, we actively engage in Promoting Community Engagement. By organizing events, exhibitions, and performances, we create platforms for students, parents, and the wider community to connect, appreciate, and celebrate the artistic endeavors of our students.

Lastly, we aspire to attract Future Student Artists through our activities. We work diligently to increase awareness of the school's exceptional artistic programs, showcasing the achievements and capabilities of our students. By doing so, we aim to draw in prospective student artists who are seeking a supportive and enriching environment to cultivate their creative passions.

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