Art 1

Art 1 students began the semester by learning the Elements and Principles of Art, and applying them to unique abstract Zentangle designs. Next students practiced their observational drawing skills using line for their Continuous Contour Self-Portraits, and added layers of drawing and watercolor to finish these colorful compositions. The class honed their shading skills while working on an Abstract Layers and Holes drawing, trying to achieve a sense of depth. For a unit on geometric forms, students learned about linear perspective while drawing tissue boxes, cardboard cylinders, and ping-pong balls (spheres). Finally, their realistic pencil Portraits were the culmination of all that they learned this semester about form, shading, and proportion, while for the backgrounds they used a mixed-media approach to reflect the personality of the subject. Students ended the semester with Nature Journaling, taking a meditative approach to observational drawing while working outdoors in the beautiful spring weather.