Art I Gallery

Art I: Students in Art I learn drawing and design from the ground up. They began the semester by making abstract Zentangles, in which they worked with the basic elements and principles of art to create intricate and unique compositions. Next, the class focused on observational drawing using line. Students used the techniques of blind contour and continuous contour to create expressive self-portraits, which they finished in watercolor. Then the class took a more  realistic approach to hand drawings in pencil. To master shading techniques using graphite, the students next made abstract layer drawings, which are meant to give the viewer the sense that they are looking down into a lattice of layered holes. Finally, the students studied linear perspective and applied all of the techniques they learned throughout the semester to realistic drawings of a tissue box. In between these major assignments, students took time to work in their sketchbooks, many of them completing creative, self-directed pieces.