Winter Arts Show 2020-21

2020-2021 Winter Art Show

AP/Honors students have been working diligently on both in class and out of class projects.  In class, students were pushed out of their comfort zone by creating collages using new materials paired with self-generated concepts inspired by summer work.  Two out of class projects were assigned, first Figure as Landscape imagery in black and white.  The concept was represented as simplification of subject matter to the point of abstraction.  The second project was based on a single word unique to each student interpreted and represented visually. The first ever mid-term exam was given to challenge students to create their best collage within fifty minutes with limited supplies.  The results were stunning!


AP/Honors and Photo I

CCDS Spring Art Show

Photo I students had a busy semester.  The finale of the photo experience demonstrated camera handling, lighting, Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop proficiencies.  Skills were exemplified as a fifteen piece Shoot the Food series of images.  Understanding of composition, content, technique, and craft are vital components in the success of their project exhibited on their website.  Students formulated inquiry questions that were answered visually through images.  Exit outcomes of intermediate camera and Adobe Photoshop skills should be expected  at the finish of the semester.   

Portfolios for all photography classes can be viewed by clicking the link above or at

Visual Art

AP --- Honors --- Art I

CCDS Spring Art Show

In these galleries, you will see the completed works of visual art students. Included are AP and Honors portfolios as well as works from students in Art I, II and III.

Click the link above to view each of the different galleries of work.