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Record: 6-0

Athletics Event

Opponent Date Time Location Advantage Details Score Status
Tri-Scrimmage vs. Finneytown, Gamble
Finneytown High School Away Details
Holy Cross (Ky.) High School
Holmes High School Away Details 25-6
Riverview East Academy
Home Details 25-22
Hillcrest Academy
Home Details 27-12
Lockland High School (Homecoming)
Home Details 20-9
New Miami
New Miami Away Details 28-20
Dohn Community School
Home Details 24-8

Directions to away contest locations can be found linked on the individual team schedules. Some games are held at alternative sites and are not at the same address as the school, therefore directions to the correct location for away games can be found by clicking on the individual event/contest for away games. Google map directions are also available in that menu. Select individual team below: