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Patterson-Strauss Travel Grant

Tony Strauss Bob Patterson
Tony Strauss and Bob Patterson


Unencumbered, senior faculty are encouraged to give free reign to their imaginations and to those deeply felt and enduring intellectual concerns that, because of too little time and funding, have been left unattended and unexplored. The intent of the Patterson-Strauss academic travel grant is that teachers will return to their classrooms inspired with new energy, new ideas, and new experiences.


The goal of the Patterson-Strauss Grant is to fund a summer sabbatical program for senior faculty. Teachers will be responsible for bringing back to Country Day findings of their summer experiences in any variety of formats: a new or expanded elective, an assembly presentation, an article in Connections, or some other presentation.


Each year the Patterson-Strauss Grant is funded from the faculty leave pool and any interest earned from monies raised from the Patterson Memorial Fund.


Full-time teaching faculty who have completed 15 years of service at Country Day are eligible to apply for the grant.


Eligible full-time teachers will write a brief proposal. A committee of faculty members will select two individual proposals for approval by the Head of School. The committee’s primary criteria will be length of service and commitment to the school. Each applicant will be fully funded by a grant not exceeding $6,000, including transportation, meals, and living accommodations for immediate family members. Those receiving the grant will be informed in January of each year by the head of school. Members of the selection committee will be ineligible to apply. Prior grant recipients will replace current members of the selection committee, serving on the committee following their summer away.


The Patterson-Strauss Travel Fund honors long time faculty members Bob Patterson and Tony Strauss. They each had many interests and passions, but prominent among these passions was their love of teaching and teachers, and of course, students. Their legacy is to refresh and renew Country Day faculty through the travel grants, to expand and reignite curiosity and allow faculty to bring new perspectives and ideas into their classrooms.


For more information on the Patterson-Strauss Travel Grant, please contact Jenn Weinheimer at (513) 979-0319 or

Year    Teacher                      Trip
2005    Bob Plummer              England
2006    Elvira Carrillo              Spain
            Mary Paden                South Africa
2007    Sam Tumolo               Italy
            Kathy Winter               Italy
2008    Bobbie Menter            Italy
            Marshall Adams          US National Parks
2009    Susie Lewis                Germany
            Howard Brownstein    Italy and Greece
2010    Pat Dunn                    England and Ireland
            Jeanne Corbus           US National Parks
2011    Paula Butler                London and Scotland
            Anna Hartle                Germany
2012    Tim Dunn                    France and Italy
             Ully Marin                  Paris
2013    Merle Black                California coast: SF and LA
            Andrea Rogers           Ireland/Scotland
2014    Louise Hausman        Vermont (Art New England program)
            Molly Petre                 Ireland/Northern Ireland
2015    Steve Conner             Northwest U.S.
            Jan French                 Galapagos Islands
2016    Beth Langenbahn       Alaska
            Laura Rue                   France and Italy
2017    Tresonne Peters         Italy
            Jane Kairet                 Croatia
2018    Lois Rust                    Spain
            Carole Lichty-Smith    Polynesia
2019    Ginger Halterman       Nat. Parks of Western US
            Peter Fossett              Paris