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Pattison Award

Lee S. Pattison

Lee S. Pattison portraitIn December 2007, Cincinnati Country Day School lost one of its most legendary teachers, Lee S. Pattison, who graced our campus from 1946 to 1988. We celebrate his legacy in many ways, including the Lee S. Pattison Distinguished Teacher Award, given to one or two outstanding faculty members each year. Nearly every student who attended CCDS during his tenure has a “Mr. Pat” story — a tale of kindness or counsel, of laughter or leadership.


The Award

First granted in 1989, the Lee S. Pattison Distinguished Teacher Award seeks to celebrate teachers who best embody all that Lee Pattison gave, day in and day out: loyalty, creativity, humor, flexibility, and integrity.

Teachers nominate their peers by reflecting in writing how their nominees demonstrate each of the qualifying characteristics. A committee of administrators and alumni reviews the nominations and determines the winners. The winners are announced at the final faculty meeting of the year in early June. Winners receive a $10,000 stipend spread over three years, and an additional $1,000 to spend for the benefit for the school.

Nominate a faculty member for the award.

Award Winners

2020 CCDS Pattison Award winners

2020 Pattison Teaching Award recipients (l-r) Julia Joyce and Prissy Schoeny and 2020 staff award winner Yvonne Green.

2020 Julia Joyce and Prissy Schoeny
2019 Tara McMullen Hofstetter and Greg Faulhaber
2018 Jamie Back and Tresonne Peters
2017 Michelle Newman and Stephanie Wietmarschen
2016 Dr. Jeremiah McCall and Nate Johnston
2015 Brady Brandt and Ann Gardner
2014 Kathleen Renner and Laura Rue
2013 Rachel Corwin and Chuck McGivern
2012 Eldrich Carr and Steve Conner
2011 Jan French and Paula Butler
2010 Jeanette Hecker and Molly Murray Petre
2009 Elvira Carrillo and Peter Fossett '80
2008 Casey Schnieber and Kathy Winter
2007 Marge Rockwell and Howard Brownstein
2006 Pat Dunn and Rick Van Nuys
2005 Anna Binkley and Anna Hartle
2004 Kelly Hammond and Dan Wood
2003 Joan Chezem and David Walsh
2002 Beth Langenbahn and Carole Lichty-Smith
2001 Wesley Hogan and Ully Marin
2000 Jean Corbus and Andrea Rogers
1999 Valerie Gerber and Jack Myslik
1998 Brock Miller and Andy Speno
1997 Tina Mangan and Bob Patterson
1996 Nancy Fogelson and Theresa Hirschauer
1995 Brenda Craig and Nancy Krody
1994 Merle Black and Janet Chahrour
1993 Tim Dunn and Lois Rust
1992 Susie Lewis and Bobbie Menter
1991 Libby Benton
1990 Sam Tumolo
1989 Peggy Richardson