Birthday Parties

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2-hour rental

Dedicated party concierge
Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages allowed (some spaces are identified as "nut-free")
Facility Rental Policy Agreement required
Waiver and Release of Liability required


Gymnasium ($150)

Wet Classroom ($150)

Gymnasium and Wet Classroom ($250)

Gymnasium and Hall of Fame Gallery ($250)

Pool and Wet Classroom ($350)
(Includes two lifeguards)

Age 6 and under:
          1:1 Parent to child ratio recommended.
          Non-swimmers must have a parent in the pool.
          Swimmers must pass a swim test.
          Lifeguard to student ratio:  1:10 
          Maximum number of participants: 20
          Swim trainers and kickboards provided.

     Age 7 and up:
          Participants required to pass swim test. 
          Lifeguard to student ratio:  1:20
          Maximum number of participants: 40.
          Swimmers must pass a swim test.
          Non-swimmers required to wear a swim-trainer 

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