An Annual CCDS Tradition: The Second Grade Wax Museum

"He inspired me to work harder." "She inspired me to never give up." "I learned that your voice can change the world."

This week, second grade students presented their biography reports as a wax museum, a joyful annual tradition at Country Day. Each second grader selected a person of importance who had made a difference in the world - from William Howard Taft to Elon Musk, from Walt Disney to Rosa Parks, from JK Rowling to Helen Keller.

CCDS Wax Museum

This project is the students' first experience writing a research report. The students learn how to research from different sources, the difference between fact and opinion, how to sort and chronologically order information, and how to write paragraphs. The final project includes a three-paragraph essay that focuses on the story of the lives of the person they have each selected and the "wax museum" presentation of their research report and visual poster to the class.

In a typical year, the students host a "wax museum" for their loved ones, who can walk around the museum and activate a figure by dropping a token into a cup. This year, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the presentations were recorded and shared virtually with the students' families.