CCDS Gardiner

Ann Gardner has been teaching in the lower school at Cincinnati Country Day School for 24 years.
Ann shares that “CCDS is a special place. There are not many elementary teachers that can say they get to watch their students grow up in front of their eyes or even attend their high school graduation. I look at them walk across the stage and still think of their time in lower school and smile seeing them as adults, utilizing the potential I always knew they possessed.”
Ann loves the small class sizes and ability to focus more on the specific individualized attention she can spend with each student. “Country Day promotes active learning, whether in the classroom or outside on the 62-acre campus. We have time to concentrate on how we can encourage each student to perform their best and get them to believe in themselves and their abilities,” said Gardner.

Gardner CCDS

“The community, faculty, and students are what make this school so special to me. Parents understand the value in their children’s learning experience here and trust me to guide them in the right direction. They care about my feedback and respect my opinion. This community and campus are a hidden gem!”
In her free time, you will find Ann taking a yoga class, exercising, reading, and baking her famous chocolate chip cookies. Her son Jack ’18 is a junior at University of Cincinnati and her daughter Maggie ’21 is a senior and is choosing between the Ohio State University and University of Cincinnati.

Country Day is fortunate to have such inspiring faculty members like Ann and we thank her for her service to and passion for our students!