Ully Marin

Ulysses (Ully) Marin, the Middle School arts instructor, is in his 26th year of teaching at Cincinnati Country Day School.
Originally from the Bronx, New York, his teaching career began overseas. “After graduating from State University of New York at Oswego, I took a job teaching elementary school at The American School of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,” said Marin. “I was fortunate to spend four years there and then moved to England, where I began working at the American Community School.” It was there Ully met his wife Barbra and together, they moved back to the United States and began working at CCDS. “We fell in love with Country Day, the community, and the city,” said Marin. “The community here is so benevolent and willing to give however they can, whether it’s time or resources. They value their children’s education and understand the role the school plays in their life.”

Marin Art

“Having class in-person is so beneficial for our students and allows them to utilize their creativity and express themselves,” said Marin. “Art is a great way to motivate students and keep them on track. It is also beneficial to incorporate what they are learning in the classroom.” In addition, Ully and the students work on creating props and sets for the eighth-grade musical each year. “I’m thankful that Country Day gives me the freedom to pivot my lesson plans and projects to prepare students for success at the next level.”

Ully’s biggest inspiration at school is still the students. “Every year I am humbled by the talent in my classroom. I see students who have equal or more talent than myself, it’s my job to help them get better and harness their ambitions.”

When able to go on a field trip post Covid-19, Ully is excited to take students to the museums and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. “Art is a frame of mind and I want students to be able to look at things differently and find inspiration and hidden talents they may not know they even possessed.”
Outside of school, Ully spends most of his time with his wife and grandchildren. He is an adamant exerciser and wakes up every morning at 4:30 a.m. to workout. He also leads his advisory class in calisthenics each morning, a CCDS tradition. When asked what something most people would not know about you, Ully responded, “most people don’t know that I play the Irish flute and love wearing kilts when the weather cooperates.” Country Day is fortunate to have such an inspiring faculty member like Ully and we thank him for his service and passion for our students!