An Enquirer Woman of the Year Discovered Her Passion for Philanthropy as a Country Day Student

Cincinnati Country Day School Board of Trustees member Ariella "Ari" Cohen '01 is one of The Cincinnati Enquirer's 2021 Women of the Year. Recognized for work on multiple boards and executive committees, Cohen's biggest passion is the youth of Cincinnati.  
“So much of what I believe in is that the people making decisions need to open their hearts and minds to younger people," said Cohen. "Young people have a vision and the ability to think so big." 
Cohen's advocacy work started during her junior year at Country Day when she took a course called "Movement of the '60s." The class was tasked with creating their own plans to make a change or start a movement. Cohen took it a step further and ended up creating an inclusion program at Country Day.  

"My teacher pushed me to fight for what I believed in. Country Day fostered that 'fight for the underdog' mentality in me. The school gave me the space and opportunities that allowed me to be who I was," said Cohen.  
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