Cincinnati Country Day School Teacher Writes Second Book

If you are walking around the halls of Cincinnati Country Day School's Upper School, you might see some engaging hands-on history learning happening in an unlikely format: video gaming.  

Dr. Jeremiah McCall, an upper school history teacher, incorporates video games into his history lessons and is considered a subject matter expert on the topic. In 2011, he wrote the book, "Gaming the Past: Using Video Games to Teach Secondary History" and now he is working on a second edition. 

"I started using games to teach in 2004 after I was inspired while playing the game “Civilization 3,” said McCall.  “I thought, ‘coupled with some complementary reading assignments, I think my students could play this and it would be a good lesson. The rest is history.’”  

The second edition of the book focuses on the importance of selecting historically accurate games and examines the qualities of different games, while also providing the reader with direction on outlining lesson plans and instructing students using video games. This is Dr. McCall's second edition of his second book, he's written five in total with a sixth on the way next year. 

"It has been fun for me to go back to my old work and refine the content. I didn't stop researching after the first edition was published, so this edition has been years in the making," continued McCall.  

Dr. McCall said he is writing a second edition because technology has changed so much and because using video games to teach has become more widely accepted by the education community.  

"I hope this edition helps educators understand how impactful video gaming can be as a teaching and learning tool to engage students,” said McCall.  

Dr. McCall said he is grateful for Country Day's support in his teaching philosophies. "The amount of support and resources I have here is amazing. I don't think I could have done this type of thing anywhere else but Country Day.”