CCDS packs groceries for food insecure students
CCDS packs groceries for food insecure students

Cincinnati Country Day students, faculty and staff once again rolled up their sleeves to ensure that food insecure families had enough groceries to feed their children over winter break.

Thirty volunteers packed 480 bags of groceries that Childhood Food Solutions (CFS) supplied and distributed to schools that mostly serve Price Hill students. Some 300 sacks were delivered to Roberts Academy, 155 sacks were given to Resurrection School, a parochial school that serves poor children, and 25 sacks went to Oyler School.

Tony Fairchild, executive director of CFS, spoke with two staff members at Resurrection School. "They gratefully accepted the sacks for distribution to their students but told about how easy it is to "hope" students are OK for food at home. They mentioned school lunch items that are not tried and become waste. Is this because nutritious food can be unfamiliar? CFS provides familiar groceries that provide reasonable nutrition."

CFS groceries are very "filling" so about 250 calories can fill a child's stomach, Fairchild said. The sacks CCDS packed provide 9,230 calories, about 37 "fill-ups." Among the items packed were peanut butter, ramen noodles, fruit and grain bars, graham crackers, boxes of macaroni and cheese, and Aldi's coupons.

Fairchild shared another story about a student who said he enjoyed going to Burger King. "Does this mean that his family has plenty of money for food? Unfortunately, it is more likely that Burger King was a one-time treat the student was proud to report. The lack of food, during a time like winter break, is not reported for fear of being placed in foster care because his family runs out of food."

This is the second year that Upper School chemistry teacher Paula Butler and her son, Brian '20, have brought CFS to campus and invited students, faculty and staff to participate in the service project.